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Lost Lake Cohousing Community - core group meeting (open to visitors)

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Are you seeking a community where neighbors know each other, where connections are deep, and caring for one another is at the heart of it all? Look no further than Lost Lake Cohousing! We cordially invite you to join us for an evening dedicated to advancing our shared vision of creating a high-functioning neighborhood that fosters genuine connections and a strong sense of community.

Date: Monday May 29
Time:7pm to 9pm
Location: Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community

At Lost Lake Cohousing, we understand that building a thriving community is not merely about constructing physical structures; it's about the decisions we make and the connections we forge. We believe in nurturing a neighborhood where every individual matters, and our decisions are driven by the goal of creating a caring and connected community.

During this special evening, we will come together to discuss and shape the future of Lost Lake Cohousing. It is an opportunity for us to collectively contribute to the decision-making process that will guide our community's development. We firmly believe that building a high-functioning neighborhood is an ongoing endeavor, accomplished decision by decision.

By joining us, you will have the chance to meet fellow community members who share a common passion for creating a vibrant and supportive environment. Together, we will explore ways to deepen our connections, enhance our collective well-being, and foster an atmosphere where neighbors genuinely know and care for each other.

At Lost Lake Cohousing, we value the power of inclusivity, collaboration, and shared experiences. This evening will be an open forum where your voice and input will be highly valued. Your unique perspectives and ideas will contribute to shaping the essence of our community, making it a place we can all proudly call home.

We understand that attending in person might not be possible for everyone, and we are committed to ensuring your participation. If you are unable to join us physically, please let us know, and we will make arrangements for remote participation.

We look forward to sharing this important evening with you as we collectively advance Lost Lake Cohousing. Together, we will build a caring and connected neighborhood where neighbors genuinely know and care for one another. Remember, our community is built not just brick by brick, but decision by decision.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are excited about the prospect of having you join us as we create something truly remarkable at Lost Lake Cohousing.

Jen Mollins and Yonas Jongkind